Records Fall at 2018 Champs

A total of twenty three (25) Territorial track and field records fell, as Champs came to the end of another successful year.  Athletics NWT, the governing body for Athletics in the NWT maintains the Territorial records and use the performances from NWT athletes performing at athletic events across Canada and the USA to maintain the Territorial records. Hence, an athlete breaking a  meet record at the Hay River Championships will have a claim on a meet record as well as a Territorial record provided the performance surpass the record of that category.

At present the majority of the Territorial records were indeed set at both the Hay River and Forth Smith Championships and as such athletes often think that the meet records represent the Territorial records. However, over the last couple years we have seen NWT athletes participating outside of North and so we update records as often as they are broken. To find the most updated Territorial record please click on the links below, if you have any questions about records please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Records fell as follows;

  1. Male Track events six (6)
  2. Male Field events three(3)
  3. Female Track events five (5)
  4. Female Field events seven (7)
  5. Masters Men Track events two (2)
  6. Master Men Field events one (1)
  7. Master Female Field events one (1)

Click the records link for further details.